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Rev your engines and get ready to show off your supercars! This top-down racing game is packed full of fast cars, a variety of tracks, plenty of upgrades and loads of opportunities to prove you rule the race. The tracks become increasingly more challenging with danger walls, wrecking balls, laser targets and more! It's not enough to be the fastest racer - you'll also have to use your wits and skill to avoid crashing and ending in a ball of flame. Unlock the next track by finishing in the top 3 in the race. Earn bonus cash for being first through the checkpoints during a race and claim a special prize for finishing first.

Additional features:
- Race against the ghosts of live players
- Unlock new cars, each with its own mix of speed, steering and strength
- Customize your supercar's look and upgrade its stats
- Log in with your Miniclip account to save your stats and awards

Start your engines and race now!

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There are 13 awards in Supercar Showdown. View All Awards

  • Driftmaster
  • Daredevil
  • Deathwish
  • Showoff
  • Abominable Snowman Award 8
  • No Contest
  • Illuminati
  • Supercar Rival
  • Supercar Legend
  • Clean Driver
  • Car Hoarder
  • Pimp Master
  • Supercar Master

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